Some websites publish negative images to hide the actual identity. Creating negative image can be easily done using Adobe Photoshop. Open an Image and Press CTRL + I, save the image. To reveal the actual picture do the same. CTRL + I acts as toggle switch Recently i found out you dont even need to… (0 comment)

‘ Stream File Content to Browser Sub Download(ByVal sPath As String, ByVal iFormCode As Integer, ByVal sExt As String) Dim sFileName As String sFileName = CType(iFormCode, String) & “.” & sExt ‘Dim filename As String = sPath Response.Clear() If sExt.ToLower = “pdf” Then Response.ContentType = “application/pdf” ElseIf sExt.ToLower = “doc” Then Response.ContentType = “application/doc” End… (2 comments)

U : Table P : SP PK : Primary Key UQ : Unique Constraint F : Foreign Key FN : Functions D : Default To see the list of User Create Items — SELECT * FROM sysObjects WHERE xType in (‘U’,’P’,’PK’,’UQ’,’F’,’FN’,’D’) — Declare @sql NVarChar(4000)– Select @sql= isnull(@sql,”) +’Drop Table ‘ + Name + ‘;’… (0 comment)

To set the cursor at default TEXTBox / Dropdown in Body onload=OnLoad() For HTML Controls function OnLoad() { window.document.frmLogin.txtUser.focus(); } For Server Side ASP.Net Controls function OnLoad() { document.all(‘ddlSelect’).focus(); }… (0 comment)