Microsoft Patterns & Practices Ent Lib 3.1 can be downloaded from the link below. These blocks are very useful and efficient. I tried to find step-by-step hands on tutorial for this version but was able to get only for version 2.0. I created 6 PDF documents and here they are. If you have url… (0 comment)

Step 1:- Add a linked server for the Active Directory exec sp_addlinkedserver ‘ADSI’, ‘Active Directory Services 2.5’, ‘ADsDSOObject’, ‘adsdatasource’ Step 2 :- Then follow the steps mentioned here for setting up permissions. Step 3 :- You can query the Active Directory listing (It lists only 1000 records. LDAP design is like that) SELECT * FROM… (0 comment)

Visual Studio 2005 – Compile Options In Visual Studio 2005, .pdb file gets generated in Debug mode and Release mode. In debug mode it loads the entire symbol table, in Release mode it loads the key symbols. In Release mode, the generated .pdb can be deleted very well deleted. (Because framework does not uses it)… (0 comment)

Accessing objects (tables..) across servers (SQL Server) is very simple. Step 1: Create a link between two servers Goto Query Window [sourcecode language=’sql’] EXEC sp_addlinkedserver    ‘PRODSVR’,    N’SQL Server’ GO[/sourcecode] ‘PRODSVR’  is the name of the Server.Execute it. Step 2: Setup Permission between Servers.In Management StudioGotoServer Object >> Linked Servers >> PRODSVR (See Image) Right… (0 comment)