This is popular question asked in many tech forums / QA pages. Simplest way to turn Off the Right Click is Add the atttibute   onContextMenu = “return false” Ex : <body onContextMenu=”return false”> Tested this on IE 5.0 and above / Firefox 2.0 and above. PS: This doesn’t alert users with any warning or error… (0 comment)

In 2.0 multiple connectionStrings & appSettings can be handled very easily using the attribute “configSource” create a new xml file devAppSettings.config under a new folder myConfigsettings <?xml version=”1.0″?> <appSettings>   <add key=”uploadfolder” value=”C:\test\UploadDocs”/>   <add key=”domainname” value=”devdomain”/> </appSettings> create a new xml file devconnectionStrings.config under a folder myConfigsettings <?xml version=”1.0″?> <connectionStrings>   <add name=”nwind”… (1 comment)

If you form has asp:Fileupload control along with other controls like dropdownlist, calendar.. you will be facing standard problem of Fileupload control losing (the file) value when users click upload first and dropdown next. This problem can be solved by using Updatepanel.  (AJAX) Place all the controls inside updatepanel and place the FileUpload control and Upload button… (5 comments)