IE8 Beta 2 and Menu Control rendering issues If your code works on IE 6,7 and Firefox even on chrome it may not work on IE8. The reason being Microsoft suddenly woke up and started to be strict with design and style standards. For styles not working the way it should or DHTML not appearing… (7 comments)

I found this Freebie (not great interface though) which helped me to cleanup my stylesheet. Word of caution By default this looks for .aspx,.ascx,.master files. So before removing the unused class, please search the entire solution to make sure you haven’t used them in code behind files. object.cssclass = “cssclassname” Happy Style Cleaning !… (0 comment)

  WordPress uses MD5 encryption. Goto this site Enter your new password and submit Copy the MD5 value Open MYSQL Client / PhpAdmin UPDATE gc_wp_users SET user_pass=”–your MD5 Generated Key”  WHERE user_login = ‘–your user name–‘… (2 comments)

Before every new Software development, people discuss a lot about prototypes / wireframes. Many times the enthusiasm dies after few days either because of lack of dedication or because of lack right tools to do the job. I’m not here to discuss about lack of dedication. This post is about, using the right tools for… (0 comment)