Office 2007 users.. here is great news. Microsoft released, Office 2007 Service pack 2 yesterday It has lot of bug fixes and nice features.. Save as PDF / ODF Improved Charting on Excel Speeds up Outlook Improved picture quality on Powerpoint Presentations and lot more.. Check out the list here.. —————– Get Office 2007 … (0 comment)

SSIS 2005 Business Intelligence Unable to instantiate XML DOM document, please verify that MSXML binaries are properly installed and registered.  Other variations are  Failed to save package file “.dtsx” with error 0x8002801D “Library not registered.” The reason you see this error is because MSXML got corrupted. The fix is 1. Close Studio / Business Intelligence… (2 comments)

The three Superpowers …   Google Search Firefox Browser WordPress Software The one common attribute in all of the above is “features & usability”.  Google Search : Amazing search results on anything and everything. Firefox : Just think of any “genuine” feature you need. Its already available as plugin. (Power of Open Source) WordPress :… (5 comments)