There are many Free and Better alternatives for list mentioned below. I like them because they make my life simple. Microsoft 1. Windows 2. Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Power point, Access) 3. Visual Studio 4. Notepad 5. Microsoft Shared View 6. Microsoft Security Essentials 7. Snipping Tool 8. SQLServer Google 1. Search 2. Gmail 3.… (0 comment)

The three Superpowers …   Google Search Firefox Browser WordPress Software The one common attribute in all of the above is “features & usability”.  Google Search : Amazing search results on anything and everything. Firefox : Just think of any “genuine” feature you need. Its already available as plugin. (Power of Open Source) WordPress :… (5 comments)

—- Nov 3 2008 Update ——– This is the latest tech. to download mp3 from eSnips website. The Page is self explanatory. —————————— Recently  changed their software for playing mp3 files.  If the author doesnt give “Download” permission then downloading was very difficult. I recently got an email from my friend who suggested the… (3 comments)

Some nice Freebies for your audio craving ears.. 1. AoA Audio Extractor Cool software to get .mp3 from video files (.wmv, .mpg…) 2. Audacity Helps you edit / trim audio files . 3. Audio Grabber Helps you to extract .mp3 from audio CD, also helps you to convert .wav to .mp3 (.wma) 4.… (1 comment)