Here is a simple command line statement to kill frozen windows task manager. START – RUN – CMD (make sure you are running it as Administrator) C:>taskkill /F /FI “WindowTitle eq Windows*” Taskkill – Command /F – Forcefully terminate the process(es) /FI – Filter “WindowsTitle” – valid filter eq – valid operator Note: C:> taskkill… (0 comment)

There are many Free and Better alternatives for list mentioned below. I like them because they make my life simple. Microsoft 1. Windows 2. Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Power point, Access) 3. Visual Studio 4. Notepad 5. Microsoft Shared View 6. Microsoft Security Essentials 7. Snipping Tool 8. SQLServer Google 1. Search 2. Gmail 3.… (0 comment)

Its wonderful time of the year. Everyone is busy buying and wrapping gifts. I wanted to do the same for my blog readers. Instead of physical gift I will share some interesting softwares, apps, websites which will definitely improve your lifestyle. The list caters to all Microsoft, Google, Apple, WordPress fans. "Feliz Navidad" Windows AntiVirus… (2 comments)

To Manage Terminal Services Session first Query the Server c:\>qwinsta /server: SESSIONNAME USERNAME ID STATE TYPE DEVICE console   0 Conn wdcon rdp-tcp   65536 Listen rdpwd   rdp-tcp#470 user1 1 Active rdpwd   rdp-tcp#471 user2 3 Active rdpwd                                                        To remove User1, issue the following command c:>rwindsta /server: 1 More info..!opendocument… (2 comments)

To find out Windows Server Name using IP Goto Command Prompt (Start > Run > cmd> C:> nbtstat –A  <<ip address>> (remember upper case A) Note (added on mar 31st) this works on all versions of windows… (2 comments)