Office 2007 users.. here is great news. Microsoft released, Office 2007 Service pack 2 yesterday It has lot of bug fixes and nice features.. Save as PDF / ODF Improved Charting on Excel Speeds up Outlook Improved picture quality on Powerpoint Presentations and lot more.. Check out the list here.. —————– Get Office 2007 … (0 comment)

List of interesting  tools / .net components. Visit for more 🙂 DoddleReport will add automatic reporting (HTML/PDF/Excel/etc) for any LINQ Query, IEnumerable, DataTable or SharePoint List Open DBDiff is an open source database schema comparison tool for SQL Server 2005/2008. Map Report Visual Studio 2008 XHTML 1.1 Templates MultiMenu ASP.NET… (0 comment)

Before every new Software development, people discuss a lot about prototypes / wireframes. Many times the enthusiasm dies after few days either because of lack of dedication or because of lack right tools to do the job. I’m not here to discuss about lack of dedication. This post is about, using the right tools for… (0 comment)