Simple script to covert  regular  date time to unix epoch time format  (UTC) $dat=’01/02/2015′ #If date is passed without time then its assumed as midnight  00:00:00 for that day. $sepoch=$(date “+%s” -d “$dat”) $echo $sepoch will return 1420156800 #If you need for specific datetime, then add time (24 h format) $sepoch=$(date “+%s” -d “$dat  13:15:00”)… (0 comment)

Easy way to split date into  Day, Month, Year  in Linux.  This code was tested using Bash shell. $dat=’13/2/2015′ sday=$(date -d “$dat” ‘+%d’) smonth=$(date -d “$dat” ‘+%m’) sfourdigityear=$(date -d “$dat” ‘+%Y’) stwodigityear=$(date -d “$dat” ‘+%y’) echo $sday  will display   02 echo $smonth  will display   13 echo $sfourdigityear  will display   2015 echo $stwodigityear  will display… (0 comment)

DECLARE @LastmonLastBusinessDay date, @inputdate date SET @inputdate = '05/25/2014' SELECT @LastmonLastBusinessDay = DATEADD(ms,-3,DATEADD(mm,DATEDIFF(mm,0,@inputdate),0)) - CASE DATENAME(dw,DATEADD(ms,-3,DATEADD(mm,DATEDIFF(mm,0,@inputdate),0))) WHEN 'SUNDAY' THEN 2 WHEN 'SATURDAY' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END print @LastmonLastBusinessDay… (0 comment)

Here is a simple command line statement to kill frozen windows task manager. START – RUN – CMD (make sure you are running it as Administrator) C:>taskkill /F /FI “WindowTitle eq Windows*” Taskkill – Command /F – Forcefully terminate the process(es) /FI – Filter “WindowsTitle” – valid filter eq – valid operator Note: C:> taskkill… (0 comment)

Deleting duplicate rows in SQLServer is very simple. Example : Check this table let me call it as Sample, order number 1,2 & 3  have identical values. Now we need to delete the duplicate rows.   Step 1 : Insert another column in table Sample called  Dup of type Integer. Step 2 : Execute this Query… (0 comment)

Thanks to  : Abdulla AbdelHaq Source :   How VS debugger could be crashed with IE8? If you opened multiple instances of IE8 and you attempt to debug your project, you mostly will have the issue where VS debugger just stops and ignores your break points! Why was that? Well, IE 8 has a… (1 comment)