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March 12, 2013
by gchandra

Run .vbs file without Security warning

When you try to run/execute a .vbs file, you will be prompted with Security Warning. The security warning is good and it saves your PC from some malicious programs. But its an annoyance when you try to execute your own … Continue reading

December 19, 2008
by gchandra

IE8 – Developer Tool – Profiler

Microsoft IE-8 profiler is great tool for developers. Read more about it directly from MS website. šŸ™‚ more details..

October 16, 2008
by gchandra
0 comments Web application Deployment : Simpler Approach

When your project becomes big, deployment becomes very very painful.

If you are copying files manually from Development to Testing and from Testing to Production Server(s) its a nightmare. Continue reading

May 12, 2008
by gchandra

How to disable Right Click Menus

This is popular question asked in many tech forums / QA pages. Simplest way to turn Off the Right Click is Add the atttibuteĀ Ā  onContextMenu = “return false” Ex : <body onContextMenu=”return false”> Tested this on IE 5.0 and above … Continue reading

May 1, 2008
by gchandra
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Handling multiple configuration settings (Development, Staging, Production) gracefully.

In 2.0 multiple connectionStrings & appSettings can be handled very easily using the attribute “configSource” create a new xml file devAppSettings.config under a new folder myConfigsettings <?xml version=”1.0″?> <appSettings> Ā  <add key=”uploadfolder” value=”C:\test\UploadDocs”/> Ā  <add key=”domainname” value=”devdomain”/> </appSettings> create … Continue reading