Best practice is to download the file settings-init.php, make changes and upload it back.   1. Download  woocommerce/admin/settings/settings-init.php  (plugins folder)   2. Code to add currency starts between Line 45 to 72   3. Now add this line in suitable position  'INR' => __( 'Indian Rupee (& # 8377;)', 'woocommerce' ),   [HTML code… (0 comment)

There are many Free and Better alternatives for list mentioned below. I like them because they make my life simple. Microsoft 1. Windows 2. Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Power point, Access) 3. Visual Studio 4. Notepad 5. Microsoft Shared View 6. Microsoft Security Essentials 7. Snipping Tool 8. SQLServer Google 1. Search 2. Gmail 3.… (0 comment)

The three Superpowers …   Google Search Firefox Browser WordPress Software The one common attribute in all of the above is “features & usability”.  Google Search : Amazing search results on anything and everything. Firefox : Just think of any “genuine” feature you need. Its already available as plugin. (Power of Open Source) WordPress :… (5 comments)

WordPress is becoming popular day by day and features are breath taking. If you have decided to go with WordPress then consider you have made a very wise decision. For hosting the new Wordpress blog all you need is  PHP 4.3 or greater  / MySQL 4.0 or greater There are 1000’s of themes to choose your… (0 comment)

  WordPress uses MD5 encryption. Goto this site Enter your new password and submit Copy the MD5 value Open MYSQL Client / PhpAdmin UPDATE gc_wp_users SET user_pass=”–your MD5 Generated Key”  WHERE user_login = ‘–your user name–‘… (2 comments)