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How to effectively delete Log files in SQL 2000 ? * Backup DB (just in case something goes wrong) * Enterprise manager >> DBName [Rightclick] >> Options >> Single User Mode (If it complains others are using the DB, open Query Analyzer and sp_who and kill those Process ids) * Enterprise manager >> DBName [Rightclick]… (1 comment)

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The MRU refers to “most recently used,” which is the list of files you have used recently, as noted at the bottom of the File menu. This list is a wonderful aid most of the time, but is also very revealing. Everyone who uses your computer knows the name of the last file (or files)… (0 comment)

To create UTF-8 encoded files using ASP, using ADODB Stream object. PS : Dont use FileSystemObject to create UTF-8 encoded files, as it wont work. const adTypeBinary = 1 const adSaveCreateOverwrite = 2 const adModeReadWrite = 3 Set objStream = server.CreateObject(“ADODB.Stream”) objStream.Open objStream.CharSet = “UTF-8” objStream.WriteText(“your text goes here”) objStream.SaveToFile server.mappath(“.”) & “/fname.txt” , adSaveCreateOverWrite… (0 comment)