skmmenu 2.3 for Framework 2.0 (now works on Firefox & IE8)

Eventhough Visual Studio 2005 has Menu control, I feel skmMenu is still flexible and useful.

I feel skmMenu is better than Menu control in following ways..

– Image / MouseOver image handling is very easy.

– Roles are easy to assign.

– No complicated styles.

– No need to complicate Web.config settings.

– Dynamic XML Menu generation is straight forward.


Click here to for updated post on skmMenu 2.3


  1. Hi gchandra:

    I have this problem of running my SKMMenu 2.2 on Firefox. When I mouse-over on the main menu, the submenu links overlap the main menu and it does not branch out nicely. The menu works fine in I.E. I have been looking for a fix since January this year.

  2. Hi ,

    I am using the skmmenu. But now I want to display the status bar text based on mouseover for the menu items.
    Can you please send me the source code with the fix and also can you please help me in getting this worked.

  3. Great work Ganesh…

    Its works perfectly fine on Firefox too. Firefox sets the standard
    when it comes to browser language. IE 8 is following the standards of Firefox.
    With this fix, Im sure it will work fine for the future I.E browsers as well.

    Thank you.

  4. Suneetha,

    I have recompiled another version (skmMenu2.3) in this page with NEW element in xml structure.

    Please download it and let me know how it works.


  5. Hi,

    The 2.3 version does not work with horizonal even I have configured the property. It does not support menufadedelay either. Can you check? Thanks.

  6. Hi

    I tried to create Horizontal menu with menufadedelay and it worked. I have sent you an email with sample code.

    [code behind]
    Menu1.MenuFadeDelay = 2
    Menu1.DataSource = Server.MapPath(“SimpleXML.xml”)

  7. Replace all [ ] with angle brackets

    [cc1:menu id=”Menu1″ BorderColor=”#FBBD05″ ForeColor=”Black” Layout=”Horizontal”
    HighlightTopMenu=”False” ItemPadding=”3″ ItemSpacing=”3″ Cursor=”Pointer” BackColor=”#FFEFC0″
    runat=”server” submenucssclass=”subMenu”]
    [SelectedMenuItemStyle BackColor=”#FBBD05″][/SelectedMenuItemStyle]

  8. I have the same problem when trying to add the menu to a usercontrol for use with a masterpage. It says Layout is not a valid attribute and strangely: it shows the menu just fine in the usercontrol, but when I use it in the masterpage it switches to vertical 🙁

  9. Is anyone else having trouble with skm 2.3 and IE8 beta 2? I find that even if I just do a minimal one like this:

    [skm:Menu ID=”Menu1″ runat=”server” OnMenuItemClick=”Menu1_MenuItemClick”][/skm:Menu]

    The menu databinds as usual, and I see the top menu bar with all its menus, but hovering over them brings down a white rectangle where the options should be. If I set the flag “[meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=EmulateIE7″ /]” it works fine. Ideas?

  10. the submenu position is not correct when viewing in FF 3.0.1
    and also arrow is the image contain in is not showing correctly in FF 3.0.1 too.
    everything works fine with IE 7

  11. clickJec

    I’m using this updated skmMenu in my application. I didnt come across any issue in

    IE 6,7,8 (beta 2)
    FF 3

    If needed please share your code / screenshot ganesh {at}


  12. Hi
    Have been using skmmenu for years. Tried your new version to get working in Firefox. In IE the horizontal menu displays with a large space(entire page) above until you hover over the menus and then the space closes.
    I am creating the menu from a DB and then adding it to an asp:table cell in my load function.

  13. Hi,

    I tried switching from 2.2 (works fine) to 2.3 on VS 2005 .net 2.0.

    Only tested on IE 6,7 however he problem is submenus when they expand (with mouseover), they go behind the dropdowns of the content page so the title of the submenu cannot be read. Somewhere I found that you set z-index to proper value in *.aspx page and this will ensure that submenus remain on top but it just does not work even with many trials of z-index values.

    Can anyone suggest the fix for this problem where our intent is to display the submenus always on top?


  14. I have a problem which is strange.

    My skmMenu works fine.

    But one strange thing that happens is :-

    Suppose I have added the skmMenu to Default.aspx.
    If I have an ItemUrl, like “Products.aspx?catid=25” for one sub menu, and another itemurl like “Products.aspx?catid=26”, there occurs TWO pageload for the “Products.aspx” page! In this way, if I have 10 itemurls, all these links will have 10 pageload for the Products.aspx page! Can you tell me why this happens.


  15. Best you should change the blog subject
    Script(s) » skmmenu 2.3 for Framework 2.0 (now works on Firefox & IE8) to more better for your webpage you create. I loved the blog post withal.

  16. SKMMEnu i have menuitem with roles under that submenu with roles and want to customize the submenu roles how to do that . Loading Menu.xml and binding datasource

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