Filter Datatable by Rows If you need to get subset of a big dataset into datatable Rowwise … [sourcecode language=’vb’] Dim dtEmp as DataTable Dim dsEmployee as New DataSet dsEmployee = someobject.getdata()  ‘dataset can be populated in many ways which is not explained here. Dim sExpr as String Dim drRows() as DataRow, drSingleRow as DataRow… (2 comments)

 Copying a datatable from one dataset  to another was not that straightforward as I thought. [sourcecode language=’vb’] Dim dsSource As New DataSet Dim dsDestination As New DataSet ‘Your way to get data from XML or DB. dsSource = object.getdata() dsDestination = object.getmoredata() ‘This is important, without this it will result in error ‘when you try… (2 comments)

U : Table P : SP PK : Primary Key UQ : Unique Constraint F : Foreign Key FN : Functions D : Default To see the list of User Create Items — SELECT * FROM sysObjects WHERE xType in (‘U’,’P’,’PK’,’UQ’,’F’,’FN’,’D’) — Declare @sql NVarChar(4000)– Select @sql= isnull(@sql,”) +’Drop Table ‘ + Name + ‘;’… (0 comment)