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IE8 Beta 2 and rendering issues


IE8 Beta 2 and Menu Control rendering issues

If your code works on IE 6,7 and Firefox even on chrome it may not work on IE8. The reason being Microsoft suddenly woke up and started to be strict with design and style standards.

For styles not working the way it should or DHTML not appearing on screen the problem is inline styling. IE 8 doesnt parse the code if its inline styling.

So the simple fix is move all the style=” ”¬† to stylesheet class

This is better way to clean your code too.


  1. I changed all references in the Menu Control from style=”” to stylesheet classes. Dynamic elements are still blank! Only IE8 beta 2 exhibits this problem. All other browsers work fine. What am I missing?

  2. hi T Weidner,

    You have to set the z-index property to a higher value like 999

    color: Black;

  3. hai

    I have used ur code…

    but its not working….

  4. And also i have follow up this site….

    and added these code..

    but no luck…..

    It has not working…

  5. i have included the code


    but still its not working,

    is there any solution please forward me

    thank you

  6. use this…

    z-index: 100;

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