The Three Superpowers

The three Superpowers …


Google Search

Firefox Browser

WordPress Software

Power of Three
Power of Three

The one common attribute in all of the above is “features & usability”. 

Google Search : Amazing search results on anything and everything.

Firefox : Just think of any “genuine” feature you need. Its already available as plugin. (Power of Open Source)

WordPress : The architecture is unbelievable. Again, think of any feature, theme,  its already available. It takes one extra step by handing over the source file itself. (Power of Open Source)

In future something better will come, atleast for next few years these 3 will rule and make life easier for designers and developers.

Note: Its a belief there is one almighty which gives whatever you ask for. 

“Google Andavar” ?


  1. WordPress has strong competition; FireFox is still unknown to billions; Google is omnipresent and the true Microsoft of Internet?

    The logo is very very neat! Did U make it?

  2. Yeah I created this Logo. Thanks.

    Having a competition or not known or omnipresent cannot take away their credit.

    What I’m trying to convey is, these three make a persons life very simple.

    If you know any Blog / CMS better than WP (from a developers point) please let me know. I would like to play with it.

  3. How is Drupal?

    Can RonR be considered as a similar solutions enabler?

    both are little bit difficult for the non-tech user (like Linux install for a Windows/Mac person). but has the capability for a power user to make things happen.

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