Connect to SQLServer TLS 1.2 using DbVisualizer and SSMS

Simple steps to connect to Microsoft SQL Server which has TLS 1.2 enabled.

1 : Connect via SSMS

Step 1 : Server Name : Enter Server Name in full
example :

Step 2 : Enter Login / Password for SQL Server Authentication

Step 2a : For windows use Windows Authentication

Step 3: Click OPTIONS >>

Step 4 : Go to Connection Properties Tab and Check “Encrypt Connection”

Step 5 : Click Connect, now you are connected.

2. Connect via DBVis

Step 1 :

Download Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server. (

Preferably download the .gz version.

Unzip the .gz file and untar the .tar file

Copy the

(whatever latest version you downloaded on step 1) to default jdbc directory (C:\users\username.dbvis\jdbc)

Step 2 :

Select Drive (JDBC): SQL Server (Microsoft JDBC Driver) not the default jTDS

If driver not available DBViz will prompt you to load the driver in a folder. If Step 1 is done right this should work without issues.

Step 3:

Database Sever : Enter full HOST Name (example :
Database Port : 1433 (default). If its changed by DBA use that.
Database :
Instance : If SQL Server has specific Instance enter full instance name ( else (
Database User ID :
Database Password:
Permission Mode : Development / Production based on the server.

Step 4 :

Go to Properties Tab

Click on Driver Properties

and check sslProtocol and type TLSv1.2

Click OK and Connect.

Now DB Visualizer will be able connect to TLS 1.2 enabled SQL Server .

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