Atalasoft WebImageViewer (aka) AJAX Thin Client Viewer

When using Atalasoft Thin Client Viewer use the following basic settings.

PreCacheing to ALWAYS has some issues so its better not to use it.
Me.WebImageViewerMain.PreCacheTiles = PreCacheMode.Never

Opens the first page in Viewer

.WebImageViewerMain.OpenUrl(Server.Mappath(“.”) & “\Sample.tif”, 0)

‘Setting the AntialiasDisplay
Me.WebImageViewerMain.AntialiasDisplay = AntialiasDisplayMode.ScaleToGray

If you have tiff images of size 8.5″ x 11.0″ or greater setting up the AntialiasDisplay to anything other than NONE chews memory but its worth it if used along with AutoZoom

‘Loading the page as FitToWidth
Me.WebImageViewerMain.AutoZoom = AutoZoomMode.FitToWidth

PS : If Autozoom is not used then AntialiasDisplay can be set to None.

One thought on “Atalasoft WebImageViewer (aka) AJAX Thin Client Viewer

  • August 24, 2006 at 10:26 am

    Hello gchandra,

    I am the lead developer of Atalasoft’s AJAX controls, WebImageViewer included. I am curious what problems you ran into using PreCacheTiles. Currently there are a couple of known issues:

    1. You can’t use PreCacheTiles and Undo/Redo
    2. Using AntialiasDisplayModes other than none will cause the control to cache all 1:1 non-zoomed tiles, and then request new tiles if the zoom of the viewer changes (including AutoZoom)

    We are working on fixing both of these, are either of them the behavior you ran into?


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