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Before every new Software development, people discuss a lot about prototypes / wireframes. Many times the enthusiasm dies after few days either because of lack of dedication or because of lack right tools to do the job.

I’m not here to discuss about lack of dedication. This post is about, using the right tools for the job.

These are the tools I have personally used and it serves my purpose.

1. Serena Prototype Composer

It’s complete software for traditional SDLC or for agile technique. It starts from requirement gathering to sample data.

On top of everything it’s FREE. (Why FREE they explain it here)

2. Pencil Project

If you are want to do a quickie design or screen template here is the software. No need to install this software. Just works on clicking a .bat file.

It’s also available as a Firefox add-on.

3. Gliffy

It’s a web based (SaaS) tool. Even though its web, the toolset works great and I like the portability. It has Free Basic edition (with some document restrictions) and Professional edition without restriction.

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