Screen Capture Utility with quick editing (Easy Capture)

For screen capture I have been using Cropper  which is very good freebie with few interesting plugins.

It just lacked two features which I always wanted.

1. “Editing” the cropped screen shot.
2. Capture areas which needs to be scrolled up/down.

Even to draw a simple arrow, or write a comment I have to open bulky Photoshop and make changes so that I wont lose the image quality.

Today I accidentally found this great Freebie “Easy Capture” (

It also allow you to edit the screen captures and add text, draw lines/arrows and even balloon stamps.

It has several kinds of Capture modes

  1. Capture Full Screen
  2. Capture Selected Region
  3. Capture Screen Scrolling Windows
  4. Capture Active Window
    and so on..

Along with this it also has some image editing capability like Rotation, Adjust Brighness / Contrast, Image Filters and lot more..

Its absolutely FREE and my virus scanner / spyware cleaner didnt complain about it. 🙂

Give it a shot I bet you will love it.


Sample Image


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