Deleting MRU Entries (Office)

The MRU refers to “most recently used,” which is the list of files you have used recently, as noted at the bottom of the File menu. This list is a wonderful aid most of the time, but is also very revealing. Everyone who uses your computer knows the name of the last file (or files) you’ve been working on.

You may not always like this.

  • To remove a file name from the MRU list, press ALT+CTRL+- (that last part is a dash, right next to the 0 key).
  • The mouse pointer changes into a thick bar.
  • Use the bar pointer to click on the File menu, then click on the MRU entry you wish to remove from the list.
  • The entry is removed, and the mouse pointer changes back to normal.

Note :
This does not delete the actual file; it only removes the entry from the MRU list.

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